Besides offering physical outdoor and hunting equipment, Wildman George also offers other services such as firearm licenses, firearm financing, and rifle insurance.

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Firearm Licence

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Firearm Licence

Our Legal & Law department helps clients with the application of their firearm license, helping with necessary paperwork and motivation, making the process easier. We also assist in appealing the refusal of firearm licenses. We assist customers with their firearm and hunting licenses in both the Western Cape and the Eastern Cape.

The purpose of this division is to offer clients who are applying for their firearm licence, appeal, import and renewals the opportunity to have it completed on their behalf, which is acceptable to the SAPS.

Our Legal & Law services include:

  • New firearm applications
  • Dedicated hunters
  • Dedicated sports shooter
  • Security companies
  • Game ranches
  • Competency applications
  • Appeal procedures
  • Business applications

Contact us today for more information and for assistance with firearm licensing:


National Association of Responsible firearm Owners.We promote the safe, legal and responsible use of firearms.

Passionate about your firearm?

  • SAPS Accredited Hunting and Sport Shooting Association
  • Become a Dedicated Hunter or Sport Shooter through our Interactive Online Platform
  • Shoot when it suites you - Determine your own range time and pace
  • Manage your own Online Profile and minimize waiting time on simple administrative tasks We Acknowledge other Association's Activities and Statuses
  • Log your Activities Effortlessly

Enjoy other benefits like:

  • Free Online magazines
  • No Charge to become a Dedicated Member
  • No Charge for Dedicated Certificates
  • No Charge for Endorsements
  • No Charge for Membership letters
  • No Charge for License Renewal Reminder service
  • Special Discounts - Selected Stores and Items
  • Access to All Risk and Liability Insurance and Financing of your Dream Gun
  • We can also assist with your Motivation, Competencies, License Applications and Renewals

Owning a firearm for target shooting, hunting or personal and family protection, comes with a responsibility.

Legally owning a firearm comes with an ongoing commitment to safety and responsibility.

Something that should be fully understood before buying your first firearm is that you need to-own it. respect it and secure it.

We have created the following road map toward responsible gun ownership that should be considered. Following these guidelines can help you understand the responsibility that comes with being a firearm owner, including following the many laws and regulations regarding purchasing. ownership, storage and using a firearm. By doing so, you will be contributing to a culture of firearms safety that can dramatically reduce firearms accidents.


Before buying a firearm for self-defense, consider the following:

  • You have the right to protect your life and owning a firearm for self-defense is a good option. In most cases, you are your own first responder.
  • Take your training serious. Once you collect your firearm after you received the license, your training should not stop.
  • Before you start your journey, have a conversation with your family, partner or household.
  • What precautions will I practice safeguarding children

Some Facts

  • Self-Defense firearms are licensed under Section 13 of the Firearms Control Act 60 of 2000
  • Section 13 licenses are valid for a period of 5 years
  • You may not have more that 200 rounds of live ammunition in your possession
  • Your firearm should always be stored in a safe when not in use
  • A self defense (section 13 firearm) is the only firearm that may be stored loaded in your safe
  • You may not give your keys to your safe to anyone else
  • Never point your firearm at anyone if your life is not in imminent danger
  • You are allowed to carry your self-defense firearm loaded with a round in the chamber
  • You may shoot any type of ammunition, even hollow points, that you can legally buy at any gun store
  • There is no limit on the magazine capacity of your self-defense firearm
  • You should also carry your self-defense firearm concealed and, in a holster
  • You may not leave your firearm in your car or anywhere else unattended

Wildman NPO

HelpJag distributes venison to 87 schools around the country and with it feeds an average of 8000 children. Wildman George works with Solidariteit Helpende Hand Western Cape to feed the needy. Helping the community is at the core of Wildman George's mission.

Wildman retail shops cater for outdoor enthusiasts, including hunters. Through a collaboration with Helpende Hand's HelpJag project, which supports 89 schools countrywide, Wildman customers can donate cash or meat to the shop. The meat gets sent to Hartman & Sons Butchery in George and Bounty Butchery in Mossel Bay, where it is processed free of charge before being delivered to primary schools, old age homes and special needs facilities in the area.

"Game meat is very healthy and nutritious and can feed a lot of mouths," says Wildman George co-owner Tienie Hattingh.

For many South Africans, eating meat is a luxury. "It's sad that many of our children receive only one meal a day, if they're lucky."

If you'd like to support this community feeding scheme,
Contact: or call 044 873 2149. Or make an online donation:

Wildman Moolah

The Wildman Group offers an in-store and digital reward card that can be used in all Wildman franchises.

Wildman Moolah “Just as good cash”. You earn Moolah on every purchase made at any Wildman branch nationwide. The system will transfer the correct percentage of your purchase into Moolah. The items in store can give a customer up to 3% to 15% back in Moolah.

Wildman Moolah equals the Rand-value of your purchase(s). The Moolah on your Loyalty Card can then be used on your next purchase at any Wildman store. This is an automatic process to ensure that our customers do not experience any hitches.

The Wildman Loyalty (Moolah) Card is a program you cannot miss out on. The card is also available electronically on any smartphone to make the service even more convenient. Wildman staff will help you become the owner of a Loyalty Card in a blink of an eye.

Wildman Payment Plan

The Wildman Group offers clients the option to finance products exceeding R3 000 over a 3, 6 or 12 month term. This offer is valid for any products in-store on a lay-by basis.

Financing is facilitated through PeerFin, a reputable South African finance company, that has already financed more than ten thousand firearms since December 2016 and are ready to assist you with your dream. PeerFin is a registered credit provider.

Visit us in-store where we’ll assist you with the quick and easy application process, or email us on